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Jul 01 2012

Poetry. Yikes.

Friday was the last teaching day of summer school—I survived! Every week (and even day!) was so different: some went by quick, some went by way too slow, some were a lot of fun… and some, like this week, were really difficult. This week we started the third and final persuasive essay—a literary response, basically…

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Jun 25 2012


The majority of my students HATE writing.  They hate the formality of… they hate how long it takes… they hate revising and rewriting their papers… I tricked them with the following prompt:  Writing makes me feel….. “I would like to write in my own way without having to stop and think to myself, “does this…

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Jun 17 2012

I will survive.

Week one of teaching is complete. I almost missed the bus on the first teaching day.  I usually get up around 4:40 to catch the bus at 5:45…I slept through my alarm and didn’t wake up until 5:30, yet somehow I made it. I was observed my first day and got mostly positive feedback.  I…

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Jun 08 2012

Week 1.

Week one of Institute is almost over…and I cried on day 2.  The shift from the relaxing and fun time getting to know my New Mexicorps members to this high stress, fast paced environment of Phoenix Institute is quite dramatic.  This past week I have been waking up between 4:45 A.M. and 5:30 A.M., having…

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Jun 03 2012

New Mexico Induction.

I’m beginning to lose track of time… I’ve been in New Mexico less than a week and it feels much longer- I mean that in the best way possible.  These past few days were centered about building community with our New Mexico group and also with some of the people in New Mexico.  Conversations about…

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I’ve always wanted to sit on a plane next to a talker… not just any talker but someone that I could carry on a genuine, enriching conversation with.  That’s never really my luck though—I get the sleeper, the non-English speaker, the crying baby, etc…until today.  I sat next to a woman was about 30 years…

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